phim hong kong - Lệnh Truy Nã 15/15 (Uslt)
lenh truy na
Lệnh Truy Nã 15/15 (Uslt)
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English Title: ICAC (I Can't Accept Curruption)
Broadcast Year: 1997
Number of Episodes: 15
Country: Hong Kong
Original Network: TVB
Langauge: US Long Tieng

Louis Koo Tin-Lok
Eddie Chueng Siu-Fei
Monica Chan Fat-Yung
Fennie Yuen Kit-Ying
Timmy Hor Bo-Sang

Plot Summary:Fennie Yeun Kit Ying does her old job again, a tomboy and who can do that better than her? Louis Koo Tin Lok is finally showing some emotion in his acting. I don't like the part of Monica Chan Fat Yung though, she is playing the 'madam' of the ICAC-action team. I'm not saying she can't act, but she certainly act as a tough leader. Monica is better at playing the weak women rolls (as always...)

Overall the serie is an normal detective serie. Some kids enter the ICAC training school, each with their own reasons. One wants to become tougher, the other to fullfill his childhood dreams. And when they finally passed their exams they'll solve cases together (Only thing that I didn't understand is why their bossess will let them do such complicated jobs at the very start..)

This is a very enjoyable serie. Not really worth to get it taped though. It could be much better if it had more episodes, after finishing it, it gave me a feeling that TVB was rushing it. The cases needs to be further developed.

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